keidaroo’s diary


today's vocabulary 9/13

crisis 危機
embarrassment きまり悪さ(まずい!!って感じ
infant 幼児
perspective 観点 maybe we should try looking at this problem from a different perspective.(この単語つかお
investigation 調査(開発だと思ってた)
boundary 境界線
compartment 部屋
manufacture 製造 This material is used in the manufacture of cars
swarm 大群
interaction 交流(男女の交流とか
prediction★ 予測 I disagree with her prediction that the economy will improve next year
discord 不一致 I felt a discord in this meeting.
ransom 身代金
eternity 永遠性 The war of using namespace std will continue for eternity.
utility 事業
testimony 証言
refinement 改善点 We found some refinement to make our game better
transaction 取引